Construction and Maintenance


The costs of road construction and maintenance are relatively high compared to other regions of the world. There is also lack of consistency in road contract documentation, the use of inappropriate standards, inadequate attention to social and environmental issues and lack of effective overload control.


The objective of Construction and Maintenance Committee is to:

  • promote more effective, efficient and socially responsible methods of construction and maintenance in the region using appropriate methods, including concessioining of road and perfomance-based contracting, where feasible.


The strategies adopted to achieve this objective are to:

  • promote use of road concessioning and perfomance-based contracting;
  • promote and disseminate knowledge on succefully applied construction and maintenance designs and techniques;
  • ensure implementation of social development programme and environmental good practice within the region, including HIV/AIDS, gender awareness, climate change and air pollution and;
  • promote the development of the local contracting industry.


The expected outcomes of the strategies are:

  • a more efficient and effective contracting industry;
  • reduced levels of overloading;
  • reduced costs of road construction and maintenance and;
  • more efficient and competitive transport sector with enhanced contributions to the economies of the region.