Main Goal, Objectives and Aims

The main goal of the association is to enhance regional policy coordination and road transport systems integration with the key objectives of improving intra-regional road transport efficiency and lowering transport cost. It aims at:-

  • fostering the development, operation and maintenance of a region-wide integrated road transport system;
  • cooperating with other SADC agencies in considering matters of mutual interest in serving the regions highway needs;
  • Developing and improving methods of administration, planning, research, design, construction, maintenance and operation of infrastructure and facilities;
  • Contributing to the provision of efficient, safe and effective transportation of persons and goods in support of regional as well as national goals and objectives in an environmentally and economically sustainable manner;
  • Studying all problems connected with the region’s highway network and its impact on other modes of transportation;
  • Consulting with SADC ministers on regional transportation policy and;
  • Developing technical, administrative and operational voluntary standards and policies.