Despite the availability of numerous examples of innovative practice developed in various member states, much of it is not known outside the country of development. There is a vital need to ensure that such information is adequately disseminated for the benefit of all member states in the region. Lack of skilled human resources is also an area of concern and there is a pressing need to enhance human capacity development through appropriate skills development and training.


The objectives of Regional Technology Transfer and Capacity Building (RT2C) Committee are to:

  • to develop and sustain active technology activities through effective Technology Transfer (T2) Centres and;
  • to improve professional and technical capacity in the region.


The strategies adopted to achieve these objectives are to:

  • publish and disseminate a bi-annual Regional Technology Transfer (T2) newsletter;
  • host bi-annual African T2¬†conference;
  • formalise capacity building mechanisms in all member states and;
  • Identify, plan and execute skills development and training programmes for the region.


The expected outcomes of the strategies are:

  • improved technology transfer activities in the region and;
  • improved professional and technical capacity to service the roads sector leading to more efficient delivery of road infrastructure in the region.