Research and Development


A sound research Programme that addresses current and emerging issues is required for the improvement of road technology in the region. Establishment of a database of previous re-search carried out in the region is a prerequisite for carrying out such a Programme after which priorities can be developed that take account of regional stakeholders needs.


The objective of Research and Development Committee is to:

  • improve the capacity for research and development in the region in a manner that takes account of stakeholders needs and demostrates value to road users and the road transport industry.


The strategies adopted to achieve this objective are to:

  • maintain and update a database of research carried out in the region;
  • develop an annual research programme on a priority basis and in consultation with stakeholders and;
  • undertake research, development of standards, guidelines and practices.


The expected outcome of the strategies is:

  • maintenance and updating of an efficient and effective research environment in the region which minimises duplication of effort and maximises the benefits from the utilisation of improved road technology.