Road Safety


Road transport is the most hazardous, accident prone and dangerous of all transport modes, with accident rates being some 30-50 times higher than in developed countries. Road accidents also cost the region approximately 2 per cent of GDP. Road safety remains a critical concern of all road agencies in the region.


The objective of Road Safety Committee is to:

  • introduce various measures involving education, enforcement, the road environment, the road user, the vehicle and regulatory reform in order to improve road safety and progressively reduce the rate of accidents to minimum levels.


The strategies adopted to achieve this objective are to:

  • establish and document best road safety procedures and practice for dissemination to all member states;
  • review and update road safety legislation in member states;
  • identify institutions in the region for road safety training and development and;
  • promote the use of publicity campaigns and other appropriate measures for keeping road safety at the forefront of public awareness.


The expected outcome of the strategies is:

  • a safer road transport environment for all road users through progressive achievement of acceptable road safety levels leading to reduced loss of lives and property.